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2011-10-26 - Plasco Receives Certificates of Approval for the Trail Road Plasco Conversion Plant

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Salinas Valley Solid Waste Authority chooses Plasco Energy Group

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2011-03-22 - Plasco Completes C$140 Million Equity Financing Led by Funds Managed by Soros Fund Management

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Plasco will be hosting a Public Meeting on Monday November 19th, 2012 at Walter Baker Sports Centre to provide a project update on the progress of Plasco Trail Road. For more information, please view our notice here.


Plasco Energy Group has been issued the Certificates of Approval For Waste and Air for permanent operation.

Amended Provisional Certificate of Approval: Waste - October 24, 2011

Certificate of Approval: Air - October 24, 2011


Environmental Assessment Completed

You can view our historical documentation here: Historical Documentation


Recovering Maximum Value From Ottawa's Waste

On June 25, 2008, Ottawa City Council unanimously agreed to issue a letter of intent to Plasco to build, own, and operate a 400 tonne-per-day waste conversion facility.

Zerowasteottawa.com is the web destination for the City of Ottawa and Plasco Energy Group partnership to evaluate Plasco’s exciting technology to convert garbage into electricity, and other valuable products.

The Plasco Trail Road Commercial Demonstration Facility is a 100 tonne per day design, and is currently operated on a scheduled basis. This schedule enables maintenance and modifications to be performed economically, while providing a platform to directly demonstrate and improve Plasco’s technology. Plasco Trail Road is permitted under specific regulations that allow operations and testing to proceed within defined limits and controls.

Since the facility first began processing post-recycled MSW from the City of Ottawa in January 2008, operations at PTR have successfully demonstrated:

We encourage you to carefully review the information on this website and to ask us any questions you may have.  Our goal as a company is to be completely open and transparent with the public.


The Plasco Team