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2011-10-26: Plasco Receives Certificates of Approval for the Trail Road Plasco Conversion Plant

2011-03-22 - Plasco Completes C$140 Million Equity Financing Led by Funds Managed by Soros Fund Management

2010-12-22 - Plasco Commences Screening Process for Permanent Operation

2010-07-28: Plasco Secures $110 million - Equity Placement Led by Ares Management

2010-06-23 - Plasco to Sign Major Agreement During China State Visit

2009-03-19 - Plasco is Active around the Globe!

2010-02-17 - PLASCO and Poland’s Industrial Development Agency sign Memorandum of Understanding

Plasco to Hold Public Meeting on Thursday, April 22, 2010

2009-03-03 - Plasco Sponsors the Ottawa 67’s Go Green Game

2009-02-22 - Plasco is Proud to Support the Ottawa 67s Go Green Game

2009-02-20 - Keynote Speech by His Royal Highness The Prince of Orange

2008-06-25 - City of Ottawa moves forward with 400 Tonne-per-day PlascoEnergy Facility

2009-01-20 - Plasco Proud to be Presenting Partner of the 2009 BCScene

2008-06-17 - Presentation from Public Meeting

2008-06-11 - Full-size Plasco plant gets OK

2008-06-10 - Chilean President visits PlascoEnergy’s demonstration facility

2008-06-03 - Waste-to-energy Plasco plant should go big: Ottawa staff

2008-01-24 - PlascoEnergy receives city garbage for the first time

2007-12-03 - First Reserve leads PlascoEnergy equity funding

2007-10-24 - PlascoEnergy Delivers Power to Hydro Ottawa Grid

2007-10-25 - First All-Canadian Cleantech Index to be launched

2007-04-27 - McGuinty Government Invests in Green Technology

2007-04-30 - Clean Break

2007-04-12 - Waste Energy Plant to open in June

2007-04-27 - Ontario gives Plasco $4M for Ottawa waste project

2007-12-03 - First Reserve leads PlascoEnergy equity funding

2007-04-11 - Waste plan surpasses standards: Bryden

Ground-Breaking Ceremony at Trail Road

SDTC Announces Funding for Ottawa Initiative

City Council Gives Green Light to Trail Road Project

2007-04-27 - Ontario pumps $4M into Bryden's garbage-gasification project

Plasco Public Advisory Committee Meeting


2007-04-27 - Ontario pumps $4M into Bryden's garbage-gasification project

Ontario pumps $4M into Bryden's garbage-gasification project

The province will invest $4-million to help Plasco Energy Group turn garbage into energy through gasification.

Jim Watson, minister of health promotion, said Friday the money from the government's new $24-million Innovation Demonstration Fund will help get Plasco's Trail Road demonstration plant, estimated to be able to divert 85 tonnes of garbage a day from landfill waste into electricity, up and running.

Plasco already has a similar test plant in Spain, but the Ottawa facility will be used to test the homegrown technology on a larger scale.

The gasification process uses a sealed system which breaks down solid waste at an intense heat without burning it. The end products are a clean fuel used to generate electricity and a material that can be used to produce concrete and asphalt.

Plasco president Rod Bryden recently told the Citizen the gasification technology is better than incineration because it won't emit toxic chemicals such as dioxins and furans, and will still handle garbage at a reasonable cost. 

The company expects to have the plant up and running by late May or early June.

The original article appeared in the Ottawa Citizen